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Getting a loan can be a daunting prospect, with complicated paperwork, incomprehensible financial jargon and constant requests for personal information.

That's where a Beat My Home Loan specialist can help. All members of our team will sit down with you, explaining the loan process and then guiding you through it step by step. Our specialists help with the paperwork, deal with the lender on your behalf and ensure the loan you are getting is right for your needs.

Home Loans

There have been a raft of changes to owner-occupied and investment loans in the last few years, and it pays to have someone who knows what they're doing to ensure you don't get stung with high interest or poor loan features. So, whether you're looking to buy your very first home, upgrade your existing home to cater for a growing family or purchase an investment property to grow your wealth, let us help your navigate the lending landscape.

Investment Loans

Investing in property has been a proven method of growing your wealth in the long term, and set yourself up for a more comfortable retirement. Whilst this type of investment can be an expensive endeavour, it is still an option for everyday Australians - not just the very wealthy. The key to a successful investment is having the right finance so that you can still live your current lifestyle, whilst setting up your future life. Call our team today to learn more about your finance options for your next investment property.

Construction Loans

Still haven't found your dream home yet? Why not build it yourself! Building your own property can help ensure you have everything you want in your home lifestyle. However, it's important that you're aware building your own home has its financial challenges, and requires a special type of finance to ensure suppliers are paid correctly, and you can meet your financial obligations. Luckily, we have construction loans specialist at Beat My Home Loan that can help take you through the construction loan options, and help you get your dream home.


Knowing what you can borrow is 90% of the battle when trying to find your new property. For those looking to take part in auctions, understanding your borrowing capacity is crucial. Let a member of the team here at Beat My Home Loan help you to get a pre-approval so that you are fully prepared when looking for your next property.


A lot can happen in just a few years - job change, marriage, divorce, children or even receiving an inheritance. With so much going on, are you certain that your home loan is still the right one for you? We can help you find out, with our free 30-minute home loan health check. Chat to us today to discover if you could be saving thousands.

Car Loans

Are you needing to purchase your first car? Or perhaps upgrade your existing one to accommodate your growing family? What about that sports car that you've always had your eye on? Well, instead of using your hard-earned savings and putting yourself under financial stress, speak to us about getting a car loan today.

Commercial Loans

Growing a business can be done a few different ways - inject your own money, sell equity to external investors or get a commercial loan. Out of those 3 options, getting a commercial loan ensures you retain your equity in the business, without having to compromise your personal finances. Chat to us today about getting the finance your need to take your business to the next level.

Life Insurance

We don't like to think about worst case scenarios, however it's important to know that you and your family are protected should the worst happen. Life insurance is one of the best ways to protect that which is most important to you. Speak to our team today about protecting your most valuable asset.

Get in touch now. The sooner we can help you start the process, the better.

Business Loans

Looking to grow your business? Then you'll need funding. Some business owners choose to raise capital through outside investors (and, subsequently, giving up equity in the business), whilst others may sell assets as a short-term cash solution.

Without a doubt, the simplest way to get funding is through a lender - not only does it save you from selling revenue-generating assets, but you're not required to dilute your ownership. Furthermore, a loan from a lender gives you predictable repayments that can be factored into your cash flow planning, thus giving you a clearer picture of the road ahead.

Get in touch with us today and let us help find you the ideal business loan for your needs.

Business Cash Flow Lending

Ensuring you have a strong, steady cash flow is vital to the success of your business. Not only is it important for keeping suppliers and contractors happy, but it also allows you to create long term strategies for growing your business sustainably.

At Beat My Home Loan, our team can help you obtain the right finance to keep your cash flow steady and predictable. We'll work with the right lender to get you a finance solution that alleviates your cash flow stress and keeps your business on track.

Private/Caveat Loans

Are you needing short term finance fast? If you own property, then you could take advantage of a caveat loan. This form of finance is ideal for business owners wanting to purchase new equipment/assets, increase their working capital, renovate/expand their premises or use it as a bridging loan.

Speak to the team today about this fast finance solution. We'll liaise with the lender on your behalf, help prepare the application and get you the result that's ideal for your specific needs.

Business Consulting

Running a business is an extremely complicated and all-consuming endeavour. Each day, you're required to be across a million little details, with strict deadlines to adhere to - all the while ensuring your customers are happy, and that you're on top of the necessary administration work to keep track of your finances. With all that going on, sometimes it's hard to see the big picture.

That is why having a consultant come in to look at your business, and provide an external view, is so important.

Our business consultants will conduct an in-depth analysis of your company and help identify opportunities to strengthen your organisation.

Speak to us today about our consultation service and help ensure your business is the best it can be.

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